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Driving licences could well be phased out in the next few years and replaced with a new digital system would provide proof your driving entitlements. Phase one of the plans in what is believed to be the first of a number of changes will see the launch of new mobile provisional licences for learner drivers. accessible via a smartphone app or computer. Full driving licences will also eventually make the transition to digital form. However, the current plastic licences would remain alongside the app for the foreseeable future.

The government claims that EU regulations had prevented this in the past and sees that MoTs will go the same way thereby doing away with the paper version we collect when the vehicle has successfully passed the test.

The UK government began digitising driving-related documents in June 2015. This saw the scrapping of the paper counterpart of driving licences. However there is some concern about the loss of an important item which serves as a means of photo identification as and when required given that it is probably universally the most common thing showing a picture and signature which the majority of people have.

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