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Test Rescue

Ok, so you booked your test yourself because you could not get your instructor on the phone and you didn't want to let it go but horror of all horrors, your instructor cannot do that day. What you going to do, what is your options? We can speak to your instructor and get permission to take over the rest of your lessons leading to your test and cover the test day for you. Remember, most of the time your instructor is genuinely sorry for not being able to cover your test and has a good reason not to so don't think they are just wanting more money out of you.


After speaking to your instructor (if you have one) I will schedule an assessment lesson to see where your current skill level is and together we can work out a plan to get you to your chosen test day. Please be aware if the assessment drive shows up some serious issues or, if your instructor tells me you are not ready AND I AGREE after the assessment lesson, I may still refuse to take you to your test. Trust your instructor he/she knows what they are doing but if you still want a chat please contact me at the earliest opportunity.

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