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pull over on the right

This manouevre was introduced in 2018 as a shake up and modernization of the driving test to bring it into line with how people drive and park in the modern world. Obviously it is best practice to pull up at a safe place on the left and this is still the preferred choice when parking, however, it is not always possible so as well as being taught best practice your instructor needs to make sure new drivers:

  • know what factors to take into account when they decide whether or not to pull up on the right.

  • Are trained to carry out the manoeuvre safely and in appropriate places.


Find a suitable place that is not blocking someones drive or opposite a junction as well as the usual legal considerations. Once you have found a suitable place, use your mirror signal manouevre (MSM) routine and  position the vehicle just left of the centre line (as if you were turning into a junction on the right.


Wait for any oncoming vehicles to pass before crossing the road. Its usually best to take a long approach with a gradual angle that will prevent your front wheel from mounting the kerb. This usually happens if you approach the kerb too quickly/too soon. 


In the picture opposite we have pulled up behind another vehicle. This is to show how difficult it can be to pull away again. Remember you as the driver are now in the worst place to safely pull away again.

To help deal with this you will be asked to reverse in a straight line keeping reasonably close to the kerb


As with all reversing make sure you take effective observations especially over your left shoulder through the rear window. Do not think your mirrors will be enough as they are setup to be biased to the right hand side of your car. Once you can see clearly use your MSM routine and move back over to the left. Your passenger if you have one may be able to help here. If you still cannot see then try peep and creep until your visibility is clearer.

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