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Motorway Lessons

Getting onto motorways is something that a lot of people dread. They rather be a passenger than the one in control but that is not always possible. Maybe you have a new job that requires using the motorway to get between your customers or perhaps you have a holiday coming up and the motorway is the quickest route. Whatever the reason venturing out onto the motorway network unprepared is asking for trouble. I will talk to you about a range of things you maybe haven't even considered yet.

The subjects we cover include:-

  • Joining the motorway - how to safely join the motorway from an A road.

  • Leaving the motorway - what to do when you reach your exit.

  • Signs and markings - What signs are you likely to encounter on the motorway, this will include a look at 'smart'; motorways (eh?).

  • Signals and changing lanes - When should you be using signals and when to change lanes including how to approach junctions on the motorway.

  • Safety - What should you consider when planning your journey and how to combat tiredness on a road where you may have to drive for some distance before you can stop.

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