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Forwards bay park

It is virtually impossible to drive a car and not have to use a public car park of some description. A vist to the doctors surgery perhaps or the weekly shop at Asda, Tesco or Morrisons. Whatever the reason or wherever the car park there are a number of ways you can get your car safely into a space. Here we discuss the forwards park into a bay.


As you enter the car park watch your speed and check for pedestrians. Scan for a parking space. If you parking space is on your right, keep to the left as shown opposite. If your space is on your left position your car on the right taking into consideration other vehicles on the opposite side. It is also worth using a signal to let other users of the car park your intentions.


Once you choose your space and put on your signal drive forward until your door mirror is pointing into the centre of the bay you are turning into. Check for people both in front and behind the vehicle who may walk or drive across the front of your parking space. Once ready start by using 'full lock' in the direction you are turning.


Continue forwards into the bay ensuring your front end does not come too close to any parked cars to either side of the bay and that the side of the car does not scrape either also. You may need to make adjustments as you enter the space, adding more steering and/or taking some off. You are far enough y when your door mirror appears to be above the kerb as shown or you can line up with the car next to you. Finish with your wheels straight.


To exit the bay you MUST take effective observations. Remember, car alongside you may obstruct your view of people and cars. ALWAYS check over your shoulders into both blind spots and finish looking through the rear window. Do not steer until your car is at least half way out of the bay and keep checking every few seconds for other people and cars. Be awre of any vehicle opposite who may ALSO be reversing out of a parking bay.

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