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Are you looking for a qualified coach who’s available to provide lessons tailored to your needs? I am a qualified DVSA Approved Driving Coach offering personalised 'One-to-One' Driving Lessons in Hartlepool and Teesside. I’ve been coaching students of all ages and levels throughout the Hartlepool, Billingham, Stockton and Middlesbrough area and I will help you become a better, safer driver not just get you through your test.  

I love my job and am committed to helping students discover and reach their full potential. So if you need driving lessons in Hartlepool or Billingham, whether it be for improving those job prospects or because its on a bucket list I'll get you there.


At Driving With Ellis, I have a different way of teaching you how to pass your driving test, so you are in control of passing your test and you are not relying on 4 leaf clovers, rabbits feet, black cats and crossing your fingers. Still not sure? Check out my 'Testimonials'

Recognise any of these fears?


Failing? If You Don't Pass Your Test 1st Time, I'll Pay For It. Yes you read correctly, check out my Triple Guarantee.

Getting ripped off? We discuss at the beginning and end of each lesson where you think you are and what we are going to do to move forward using 'reflective logs'.


Shouting instructors? Never going to happen. There are no mistakes in my car just learning opportunities. We are on this journey together.

Late instructors? Check out my terms and conditions where I clearly state what happens if I cannot make it on time, although that almost never happens :)

Lack of progress? You choose what happens on your next lesson and we discuss where you strengths and weaknesses lie.

Still not sure? Check out my 'Testimonials' where my satisfied pupils tell it like it is.

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'Stay Calm & Pass'

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