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reverse bay park - 45 degrees

It is virtually impossible to drive a car and not have to use a public car park of some description. A visit to the doctors surgery perhaps or the weekly shop at Asda, Tesco or Morrisons. Whatever the reason or wherever the car park there are a number of ways you can get your car safely into a space. Here we discuss the reverse park at an angle.


As you enter the car park reduce your speed and watch out for pedestrians and other vehicles reversing out of spaces. Find your space and drive close to the space you are going to reverse into. Once you are next to your space check your mirrors and steer full lock away from the space until you are just in front of the opposite bays.


You should see the line of the bay you are reversing into appear in your blind spot mirror as shown opposite. Put the car immediately into reverse to let cars behind know you are going into the space. Have a good look around for pedestrians and ALWAYS look over your left shoulder through the back window to ensure you see in your peripheral vision (mirrors don't see everything).  As soon as the car begins to move turn full lock in the direction of your space.


Keep reversing and you should see the other side of the bay appear in the opposite mirror, Keep reversing whilst making observations all around. When you notice your front end is pointing straight ahead and both lines are parallel to the side of your car straighten your wheel. You can stop and do this if you like but be aware it can cause extra wear to your tyres and is called dry steering.


Once your mirrors are sitting on top of the line you have reversed far enough. You can also use blind spot mirrors to view your rear wheel.

Recommendation: Buy some adjustable blind spot mirrors for a few quid on ebay here.

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