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Your #1 Driving Coach

Since 2016, I have provided Hartlepool with extensive private teaching services with an emphasis on 'Driver Coaching'. I take pride in teaching pupils of all ages and backgrounds and who are eager to expand their minds, talents, and skills, and bring a depth of professional experience and expertise to those who strive to excel and want to be safe drivers for life, not just for test.

Driving With Ellis provides quality, affordable driving lessons across Hartlepool and the Teesside area. My belief is that everyone deserves to learn in an environment where pass rates are not the only target, where they can learn and grow at their own pace and identify for themselves the areas where improvements need to be made without being shamed by a shoutie or aggressive instructor. Given the right environment and a coach that wants to help you grow yourself, anyone can do it. I have pupils between 17 and 70 from all backgrounds and temperaments so check out what they are saying about my courses at here and I look forward to helping you achieve your dreams of driving for yourself.

Now lets have some humour to soak up all that detail :) see video below.

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