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reverse around a corner - left / right

Long Sweeping

A long sweeping curve I usually start with 1/2 a turn of the wheel.



Although this is no longer included in the UK driving test it is still a valuable skill for every day driving. How many times has a sat nav sent you the wrong way? How many times have you taken the wrong turn? The turn in the road might not help if there are cars parked all the way up the road so reversing around a corner will help you turn around. Now you can do this either to the left or the right with similar reference points but the right reverse is easier for some as you can stick your head out the window to see the kerb.


To start this manouevre pull past the junction and stop with a good gap away from the kerb. Using your mirror get yourself parallel to the kerb with the corner in clear view. As you start to reverse make sure you do full observations including your blind spots on both sides. People will always walk passed the back of your car regardless of reverse lights or not and cars will continue to drive up to the junction.


If anyone gets near the car STOP! Keep reversing until the curve of the corner is about to disappear of the bottom of the mirror as shown opposite. Now you need to decide how much to turn. Its not an exact science. See opposite for my personal experience on this subject.


Continue to follow the kerb using your mirror whilst keeping those observations all around you. If anyone approaches the car STOP! Once you have completed the curve and your door handles appear parallel to the kerb like the 1st photo above straighten your wheels and reverse for about 2 car lengths in a straight line. This will allow any cars coming up from behind to go around you and get back onto the correct side of the road in time to take the turn.

A standard sweeping curve I usually start with 1/2 to 3/4 of a turn of the wheel.


Tight Corner

For a tight corner it is always FULL LOCK

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