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Beginner Lessons

On your first lesson at Driving With Ellis you will learn the basics of car control at a pace that suits your own and in a manner that suits your learning style. Your learning style is very important to us so its important that you let us know how you learn best. Do you prefer reading as much information as possible? Do you prefer to see pictures of each control? Do you learn best by watching someone else? Or are you the type of person who just wants to jump right in and learn from your mistakes? Whatever you prefer I can tailor your lesson to suit you best.

The main topics we look at one day 1 are:-

  • Cockpit drill - setting the car up so you are comfortable. You are the most important person in the car :)

  • Safety checks - what to do before you start your engine.

  • Moving away and stopping - How do you get the car moving without stalling and how do you stop in a safe legal and convenient place.

  • Signals - When should you be using signals and what are they.

  • Your position on the road - How far from the kerb is normal. How do you judge it.

  • Mirrors and blind spots - what is the difference between internal and external mirrors and when should you use them.

  • Steering - How do you best use the steering wheel.

  • Junctions - What is the best way to turn left and right at junctions.

Don't worry, we start off on quiet 'nursery' routes and progress to busier roads at your own pace. I will advise you all the way as to when I think you are able to progress but I will not force you onto roads I do not think you can cope with.

I recommend a 2 hour lesson to start with. This gives plenty of time to get through the boring technical stuff and gives you maximum driving time but if you wish to do 1 hour I can accommodate that.

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