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Partly Trained

We have all been there, started something we couldn't quite finish. If you gave up on driving because you didn’t get on with your instructor, couldn't afford to carry on or because there was just not enough days in your hours then you’re a step or two ahead of a lot of people. You’ve probably got quite a lot of experience and skills under your belt already, it just needs a bit of tweaking. I'm here to help you build confidence, pass your test and become a safe driver for life.

In my experience the most common reason people fail their test are:

  • Hazard awareness - Not spotting a situation starting to develop and not responding to other road users in a safe manner

  • The Mirror Signal Manoeuvre routine - Not checking mirrors when slowing down, speeding up or changing direction. Not signalling in time or signalling too early

  • Approaching junctions and roundabouts - Approaching a junction too fast, getting in the wrong lane or changing lanes without checking it is safe.

  • Traffic signs - Not responding correctly yo road signs or makings such as getting into a bus lane or not stopping at a stop sign.

  • Changing gear - Not changing up or down gear when necessary causing the car to increase or decrease speed rapidly or even stalling the engine in an unsafe position.

  • Speed - Not using appropriate speed for the conditions of the road or exceeding posted speed limits. Not making reasonable progress when it is safe to do so.

  • Emergency Stop - Failing to stop promptly or not make safe observations when moving off.

  • Parallel parking - Mounting the kerb, clipping parked cars or failing to observe correctly.

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