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turn in the road (3 point turn)

Although this is no longer included in the UK driving test it is still a valuable skill for every day driving. How many times has a sat nav sent you the wrong way? How many  you taken the wrong turn? The turn in the road will help you do just that. We all know this manouevre as a 3 point turn but in truth it can take 3,5,7 or any amount of steps to complete. Just make sure you are not in a one way street :) dont laugh it does happen.


To start this manouevre find a suitable place to pull over on the left preferably not near a parked car as you will need a good amount of space to do this. Use you prepare observe move (POM) routine before pulling away. This manouvre requires a lot of steering and a slow car, so good clutch control is a skill to learn before trying this.


Check all around the car giving special attention to your blind spots. DO NOT SIGNAL as this may confuse drivers. Turn your wheel 'full lock' to the right. You should do this with the car moving but it can also be done stationary (dry steer), however, this may damage your tyres or steering rack (modern cars have power steering so not a major issue). As you move towards the middle of the road you need to be aware you are driving UP the camber (see main image) so may need a little gas


Keep checking for people and vehicles every few seconds as they can appear seemingly from nowehere. Once passed the centre of the road you will be driving DOWN the camber so use brake to control your speed. Once you reach the kerb use the reference point shown to maximise the turning circle. Make sure you DO NOT drive up onto the kerb especially near pedestrians.


Once you have reached the other kerb check all around again for people and vehicles and put the car into reverse gear. It sometimes helps here to use your handbrake as the camber can be quite large, although it is not essential. Before you move make sure you are looking over your left shoulder and through the rear window, As you start to move steer 'full lock' to the left (about 3 full turns of the wheel). Careful of the camber once again.


Use the 2nd reference point to maximise the space used and avoid mounting the kerb. Again check all around for people and drivers waiting to pass and allow them tp decide whether the drive passed or not. Select 1st gear andafter your usual checks, drive on. If you need more moves repeat the steps above.

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