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North East Driving Instructor of the year

I am so proud to inform you all that today I was notified that I have won the Intelligent Instructor awards with the "North East Driving Instructor Of The Year". I know it doesn't mean much to a lot of people but I feel so amazing for not only receiving the award but also just for being nominated in the first place. Sometimes this job can be frustrating (especially seeing learners fail their test) and other times it can be unbelievably rewarding when you see a young shy individual who barely says a word and struggles with their demons like autism, adhd, anxiety and genuine fears of driving become a strong, confident driver who overcomes those fears and drives away with a full licence and a happy memory.

I don't do this for the awards but if it's ok for multi million dollar actors who pretend every day of their working life then why not 😝 . Thank you for the nomination, I am over the moon.

Ellis x

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