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Nearly time to return. Are we excited yet.

Driving with Ellis - The Mini
Ready if you are :)

Not long now until we can get back in the car and put this covid stuff behind us, but how is it going to happen? What care do we still need to take? Well I’ve had the AstraZeneca jab 1 so if I do catch it, it won’t be as bad as it could have been but does that mean we’re safe? No it doesn’t unfortunately because I can still pass it on to others who haven’t had the jab. So masks are still in use for the foreseeable future. I’ve still got gel in the car and still clean after each pupil as well as fogging the car every night. Because I don’t want to be the one that passes it on to you and then maybe from you to someone who is vulnerable.

Well the car is fuelled up and ready to go. It’s had a spritz up inside and out but to be honest it’s going to feel more cosy in the car for a while because I’ve been expanding my waist as well as my mind whilst being off. I’ve been learning quite a lot of psychology and therapy subjects whilst off (I’m sure a few of you have noticed) so hopefully I’ll be able to help you overcome your test nerves. Well I can try anyway.

so let’s dive back in to this driving lark this Monday the 12th April, and get us a string of passes.

looking forward to seeing you all again.


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