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Intelligence Instructor Awards 2023

I am over the moon with this award received today. It's very humbling when pupils take the time out of their busy lives to vote for me. I know some will say that it doesn't count if you ask for votes but how else are our learners going to hear about this process unless we tell them. They still have to then choose to vote or not. Either way I am still very proud to receive it.

This job is very challenging at times with the general view of learners on the road to be negative from seasoned drivers who also were learners once. We lose a whole swathe of good instructors every year as a result. We see the very worst of driving during lessons, especially since lock downs happened for some reason, but it's not from the learners we are teaching. We also see some of the best driving with patient, understanding from probably 90% of drivers. It's just unfortunate that we seem programmed to remember the worst ones. On top of that we have the awful times when pupils unfortunately fail their first or second attempt at the driving test but who still get out of bed the very next week and do more lessons. Everyone passes eventually lol and I'm very proud of those who keep going until they pass.

Despite the challenges I do love this job, never more so than when a pupil who is, let's say, not a natural driver and who has to fight their own demons, go on to eventually pick up their pass certificate and become a full licence holder. I have been very lucky in my instructor career to have had amazing pupils some of which have become great friends. As my health starts to slip into the grey areas I still intend to teach until I can no longer physically do it even if that means just a few pupils a week as I love it so much. The DVSA are not as supportive as they would like to think and it's a shame because they could do more to retain those instructors who become disillusioned with the job. It's a roller coaster of a job for sure but hey, who doesn't like roller coasters right!!?

Thank you all


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