• Ellis Wood ADI

Roadworks Ahead

Merge In Turn
Use Both Lanes

Hartlepool has had it's fair share of roadworks lately while the council frantically tries to spend its budget before April 1st. From what I observe  we British have an understanding on how to queue.

What do you do in the situation where road works ahead are closing one lane? Most traffic moves over early to queue in the lane that continues past the roadworks but do you:

  • Join the queue yourself, even moving closer to the back bumper of the vehicle in front as you reach the roadworks to block any 'queue jumpers' who've had the gall to use the emptier lane

  • Stay in the closed off lane as late as you can in the hope that other vehicles will let you 'merge in turn' at the point where two lanes become one

  • Or maybe you're the self-appointed traffic police, sitting astride the white lane given vehicles behind no option but to queue behind you?

What does the Highway Code say?