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The Driving Test..

Have you ever noticed all those passes and happy faces on every driving instructors Facebook page - including mine?

While it is great to see those happy faces it is really important to be aware of the hard work, and sometimes tears, it takes to get that test pass. It's a moment worth celebrating, and that's just what we do. We celebrate!

But what about those who don't pass? The driving test is not an easy thing to do.

Each and every pupil who takes their driving test battles nerves, excitement, sometimes self doubt, and a hundred other emotions..... it can sometimes end in a failed test.

If it wasn't such an insensitive thing to do I would put their picture on my Facebook page too and celebrate their bravery for trying so hard to pass. Especially knowing they are planning to put themselves through it all over again.

Behind every pass is a pupil who didn't pass.

And what about the instructor?

What about me?

Truth be told, when I watch my brave pupil drive off with the examiner I wish for nothing other than a happy ending.

Seeing your efforts result in victory is incredibly special, the very best feeling. Sitting with a pupil who didn't pass is heartbreaking.

I don't have a 100% pass rate, no instructor does. But what I do have is you at the centre of my driving world.

When you drive off to start your test I want to put your smiling face on my page, and if it's not today it will be next time.

Don't give up - you've come so far.....

You will do this!!

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