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Start to get excited guys n gals

Well it looks like we should be getting back in the car very soon. The big schools have announced a return date of 6th July in line with the hairdressers. So as I now own two hairdressers cars maybe I should start earlier, lol. Anyway now would be a good time to drop me a message and let me know when you would like to book in.

Some of you who are key workers (a new term we are all getting used to) will understand the new normal of taking driving lessons. For those who don’t know, the process has changed. Face coverings are now mandatory in car, you should try to supply your own where possible but I will be supplying disposable masks if needed. Gloves are no longer a requirement but hand sanitiser must be used in its stead. I am supplying hand sanitiser in the car. All touched surfaces will be disinfected after each pupil by me using wipes and sprays.

All these changes have forced a slight price increase. Lessons are now £25 per hour with no discounts for 90 minute and 2 hour lessons but there are still some savings on block bookings.

I for one cannot wait to hear all your stories from the lockdown and your insights into life as we know it. The diary is already filling up so don’t waste any time, drop me a private message on Facebook, messenger or text and I’ll get you setup for a start. I have taken on a few new pupils who are key workers who have yet to take their tests so the diary is bulging at the moment. Everyone should still get a lesson but if your needing specific times of the day get in quick. You could even try the new book-online system if you like.

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Trevyn Wilson
Trevyn Wilson
10. Juni 2020

Hi hope your well dont suppose you got one them.on a automatic? I know you mentions it befor it just due to a sholder injury quite bad and surgery iam needing a few lesson in a automatic befor getting that test booked in

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