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Combating anxiety and stress

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One of the biggest issues I have found in my life is not how well I can do but how well I THINK I can do? What do I mean? Well, just like many of my learners I suffer with anxiety. Anxiety about being good enough to get you a pass. Anxiety about making sure I have helped you develop into a safe driver for life. Anxiety about keeping my business profitable. There are many more believe me. If you are a stress head like me then you will be familiar with the fact that your biggest critic is you. You’ll beat yourself up about those 2 stalls at the traffic lights whilst ignoring the other 20 times you didn’t stall. Sound familiar?

In the quest to ‘fix’ myself I have done many courses in things like mindfulness and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) to name but a few. My quest was to help myself and others to understand and overcome their own ‘perceived‘ inadequacies. I think I do a decent job of calming many pupils down but it’s not quite enough. This is why I have personally paid for a group membership to confident drivers so you guys get better value for money and can hopefully help yourself along the way.

There are sone great articles about stress and anxiety as well as some helpful tips on dealing with those and driving test nerves for example. The articles you read don’t just help you become a better, more confident driver but they can also help in your exams for example, or your job or simply getting out of bed and facing the big bad world. I hope you find it useful.

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