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Have a splashing time

If you have ever driven a car in the UK, at some point you would have driven through puddles on a rainy day. But while some may see it as harmless or even a bit of fun, deliberately splashing pedestrians could land you with a £5,000 fine. That’s because driving ‘without reasonable consideration for other persons’ is illegal under the Road Traffic Act 1988. And it means drivers can be prosecuted for a public order offence under section three of the act. 

There is of course also the issue of hidden dangers in these puddles. You might inadvertently hit a hidden pothole or debris in that puddle causing untold damage to your car which could see you off the road for a long time. Not least of all there is the danger of aqua-planing where the water creates a barrier between your tyre and the road surface meaning you could potentially lose control of the vehicle. 

Despite all that it is important that you approach this hazard with caution and be very careful as you try to avoid it. It is important to check your mirrors and your blind spot before you steer around a puddle.

Food for thought next time it rains.

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