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Spot my car in Hartlepool

So you eagle eyed people, have you spotted my car around Hartlepool at all? Well I have gone all spotty again in aid of Children In Need this year. 

It’s a simple idea really. Just stop me in the street and for a small donation (whatever you can afford) you can sign a spot on my car for all the town to see. Donations will then go directly to Children In Need via the Big Learner Relay. 

The concept was a brain child of Lou Walsh another ADI from ‘down south’. Lou relays a specially designed roof box from learner car to learner car for the length and breadth of the country. A mammoth feet for anyone let alone the diminutive Lou. Driving with Ellis was last years lead car for the Middlesbrough leg of the relay and with the help of my glamorous learner Laura Shek we managed to successfully get the box to Redcar.

We will be joining the convoy again this year so please give generously.

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