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Why don't we drive?

I had an interesting conversation recently with an ex pupil of mine, lets call her Jane (not her real name), she took a few attempts to pass her test and a lot of extra lessons. Being a young mum she invested a lot of time and effort getting her full licence and the day she passed she went straight out and bought herself a Qashqai, I know, I couldn't afford one either lol.

Anyway, I bumped into Jane in our local B&M (other retailers are available) a few months later and I asked how she was doing with the Qashqai. She replied that she did not drive anymore, she prefers to let her husband do the driving.

I was totally confused about this so I did some research and it turns out it is not uncommon, so, here are the top reasons why people do not drive after spending so much money, time and effort getting a full licence.

1] No access to a car

2] Its too expensive

3] At college or uni so dont need one

4] Saving up fpr something else

5] Still too nervous

6] Prefer public trandport

7] Family or friend does the driving

8] Parents to scared to let me drive

* Thanks to Intelligent Instructor magazine for the research

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