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Its all below the surface

Ever had a minor bump and then thought "ahh thats fine. Just a few scratches is all" ? well look beneath the surface and you might be surprised. Had a pupil slide out today in the ice and hit the kerb at about 10mph.

When I took over from the pupil I noticed the steering wheel was off centre by about 2cm. All looked ok on the outside despite the alloy taking some damage but underneath was a desperate picture. Track rod end bent, lower steering rack support arm bent. That's a big chunk of metal to bend and at just 10mph. Now most cars are designed to take a hit front and back and even the wheels and suspension can take a knock or two head on, with a pot hole for example, but side ways they just arent that strong.

Think very carefully before you venture out in the snow and ice guys. Luckily nobody was hurt apart from my wallet in our slide and a few pupils had their lessons cancelled but it could be so much worse and just goes to prove you cant see whats beneath the surface.

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