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How many lessons? revisited

Hey guys...before you use the statement 'well her Dad passed in just 6 one hour lessons' bear this in mind.

He/she's not his/her Dad plus.............

Driving in the 80s

When I was taught to drive it took me 10 hours to pass the test. Reverse parking was not taught. There was no Theory test. There was no hazard perception test. There was no independent drive section. There were no show me/tell me questions. There were no /very few bus lanes. There were no red routes. There were no/very few cycle lanes. There were no advanced stop lines. Cyclists were taught cycling proficiency at school. Pedestrians were taught the Green X Code. There were more police enforcing driving standards. There were less vehicles on the road. Hardly any parked cars. I never heard the term "road rage" There were no speed humps, 20 zones, build outs or other traffic "calming" measures.

As far as I remember other drivers gave me space and time while I was learning.

There were less/no mini roundabouts/double mini roundabouts.

Roads were better maintained with signs and line markings you could actually see, and pot holes had not been invented. Supermarkets were not open 24/7 and closed on Sundays so you could always use their car parks for some initial practice. The test only lasted about 20 minutes.

Your children have so much more to deal with than your ever did so please show them the respect and admiration they deserve for just attempting to learn to drive let alone facing the dreaded L test.

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