• Ellis Wood

Commentary Drive

Driving with Ellis encourages something called commentary driving and NO its not where I talk into a mic as you drive giving a running commentary of what your doing as in football commentary :)

Commentary driving is a technique whereby the student driver “speaks out” all his/her observations, interpretations, valuations, and intentions which he/she believes are related to the traffic situation, that have developed or are developing about him, while driving.


An example might be this one as I approach a roundabout

"I'm checking my mirrors early in case someone is following too close. Its ok so I want the left turn so I am going to slow down now as the traffic ahead is stopping and put my left indicator on. It looks like there is a gap coming up on the right as that white car blocks the way for the junction on my right so I am going to slow down and time my approach to coincide with the gap."

"All cars in front have gone now. I a