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Commentary Drive

Driving with Ellis encourages something called commentary driving and NO its not where I talk into a mic as you drive giving a running commentary of what your doing as in football commentary :)

Commentary driving is a technique whereby the student driver “speaks out” all his/her observations, interpretations, valuations, and intentions which he/she believes are related to the traffic situation, that have developed or are developing about him, while driving.


An example might be this one as I approach a roundabout

"I'm checking my mirrors early in case someone is following too close. Its ok so I want the left turn so I am going to slow down now as the traffic ahead is stopping and put my left indicator on. It looks like there is a gap coming up on the right as that white car blocks the way for the junction on my right so I am going to slow down and time my approach to coincide with the gap."

"All cars in front have gone now. I am going down into 2nd gear now, watching the lane ahead and making sure the white car is definitely pulling off before my junction. Ok he is so I am going to move out onto the roundabout and accelerate away to the left, checking my mirrors, centre and left, before I do so to make sure no cyclists are moving up on the left side"

Can you see how this will not only help your instructor understand what you are thinking and where there might be holes in your understanding but also helps you to plan a successful manoeuvre by talking it through step by step.It feels weird at first but persevere and you will feel the benefits. Good luck and let me know how it goes on. Maybe ask your instructor to give you a talk through himself/herself so that you get a better understanding of what they are trying to tell you.

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