Well done Sam

Another great result recently for Sam Robinson. Unfortunately my computer didn’t post it originally so here it is. A week late but here it is. Smashed it .

Congratulations Karen

Great result today for Karen Wrigley at the ripe old age of phfffff she passed her test first time. Kept going even after thinking she had failed, tenacious? Definitely....Well done chick 🐣

Made my day

I got a lovely message this week from a previous pupil. It made my week to be honest so I thought I would share with you guys. Unlike some I love to hear from former pupils about how they are doing. So here it is in its entirety. “Hey Ellis! So I'm on my day off just driving to the gym in the sunshine and thought to myself I'm so happy and feel so free driving along singing away lol! I totally have you to thank for that! It's been 2 months now and I feel like I've been driving all my life, so thank you for giving me confidence and for teaching me so well!! X”

Theory Success for Sharon

Congratulations Sharon Swales on passing your theory test recently. Well done, you put it off long enough lol. I knew you would get it. Now lets get that practical booked *hint*

Theory Success for Kayleigh

Well done Kayleigh Conroy on passing your theory test recently even if you did think it was a fluke lol. A pass is a pass regardless. Great result just need to get the practical done now :)

Never give up says John

Well done today to John Vettas-Young for passing your test in Hartlepool, and big kudos for keeping going even when you thought you had failed. It paid off for you. Remember that all you guys reading this, never give up.

Congratulations Cass

Congratulations Cass Luke on passing your test today in Hartlepool with just 2 minors. Welcome to the pass first time club. Great drive considering you were so nervous

Congratulations Lukas

Well done Lukas Vallet on passing your test today in Hartlepool on first go with just 1 minor fault. Great drive mate, been a pleasure to teach.

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