Well done Aditya

Congratulations Aditya Chaudhury for passing your test today in Hartlepool with just one minor fault despite everyone and everything jumping out in front of you. Great result.

Well done Danny

Big well done to this lovely guy Danny Breward who passed his test today in Hartlepool on the 1st go. If you want the chance to pass your test then drop me an email or check out the website Https://

Congratulations Katie

Congratulations Katie Mulrooney on passing your test today on the first attempt with just 1 tiny minor fault. Great driving, enjoy your new found freedom. Want to be like Katie then call me on 07867 382768 or on the website http://www


Inspiring. Well this lady has had setback after setback including being hit from behind on the lesson before her test, breaking her toe before the last rest and being stung by a wasp just before this one. But she kept on turning up and giving it a go. Well today she passed her test in Hartlepool so massive congratulations. All you people who think you will never pass just take Antoinette's advice and keep trying.

Congratulations Henry

Great result for Henry Bushnell in Hartlepool today. Passed his test first time despite some nerves t the beginning and convincing himself he had failed. Great job and happy driving Henry it's been a pleasure knowing you.

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