Congratulations Audrey

Congratulations Audrey Livingstone on a great result today in Hartlepool. Just 2 tiny weenie driver faults. Awesome driving and will miss our chats putting the world to rights. Enjoy your new KA

How to drive in the Snow

Before setting off Make sure all your windows and mirrors and FULLY cleared and DO NOT FORGET to clear snow off your roof as this may come off and block the view for another driver or may slide off the first time you apply the brakes. IT IS AN OFFENSE to drive without clearing your car fully. General Advice Drive carefully and plan further ahead, you may need to brake earlier and softer and take longer to speed up. Be careful whenever you approach bends and turns. Judge your gaps to be bigger to take all this into account and assume everyone else is trying to kill you :) Speeding Up. When going up through your gears try and use the next gear if possible. For example if you would normally be

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