This common mistake causes MORE accidents than drug-driving - have you done it?

By Luke John Smith NEW road accident figures have revealed that a common mistake behind the wheel could be more dangerous than taking drugs while driving. Driving while fatigued has contributed to more road accidents in Great Britain than drug-driving offences, new research has revealed. Around 20 per cent of road accidents on major UK roads are related to fatigue – compared to 18 per cent caused by drugs, the last reported figures in 2015 confirmed. Of those accidents, 40 per cent of those accidents involved commercial vehicles, which highlights an issue with long hours and lack of sleep for drivers doing these jobs. Figures for 2015, provided by Department for Transport, show fatigue w

Driving test help for serial fails

Not everyone will pass their test 1st time. There I said it, the honest truth. So why do so many instructors (not that many by percentage) offer a 'pass guarantee' when it cannot be done. There are no guarantees but here at Driving With Ellis we hope our solution of a FREE re-test helps (conditions apply). In the meantime a serial test taker has produced a booklet to help if you are struggling. See below.

Happy New Year

I hope you all had a great Christmas with Santa remembering to visit you all with a small bounty of gifts. I also hope you have had a great New Years Eve and are almost over the hang over. Hopefully you all also made some great and achievable new years resolutions such as passing your driving test. Yay!!! That's where I come in. Have a great 2019 folks and lets achieve your resolution together.

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