Class of 2018

Was holding out until today to post this image just needed one more faceon there. Anyway, here is the full roster of passes this year for Driving With Ellis. If you recognise yourself pop over to our facebook page and say hi. I would love to hear how you are getting on. Maybe your face will be up on the class of 2019 next year. Give me a call or drop me an email and lets get you started.


Great way to end the year for both of us. Well done Kaitlin Fannan on passing your test today in Hartlepool with just 3 minor faults and a dirty car :) now you can enjoy the pleasure of driving alone and not having somebody tell you what to do, although everyone is a critic once they get in your car, that will never change. See you on the road sometime.

Congratulations Connor

Well done Connor Stephenson on passing your test at the 1st attempt in Hartlepool today. Great result. Drive safe and enjoy your time in the army.

5 Apps to Improve Driving Habits

Driving with Ellis once shared a sobering fact: a quarter of car occupants who died were not wearing seat belts. The number, in fact, was the highest on record as indicated by the Government Casualty Figures for 2017. This fact is reflective of a bigger problem, and that is the number of drivers with poor driving habits. Due to the amount of bad driving on UK roads, The Telegraph wrote a guide to help drivers improve. The paper notes that drivers must strive to develop good driving habits, like staying within the speed limit and focusing on the road. And while it would help to have a driving expert guiding you every time you take the wheel, that is not possible. You can, however, get some

Have a splashing time

If you have ever driven a car in the UK, at some point you would have driven through puddles on a rainy day. But while some may see it as harmless or even a bit of fun, deliberately splashing pedestrians could land you with a £5,000 fine. That’s because driving ‘without reasonable consideration for other persons’ is illegal under the Road Traffic Act 1988. And it means drivers can be prosecuted for a public order offence under section three of the act. There is of course also the issue of hidden dangers in these puddles. You might inadvertently hit a hidden pothole or debris in that puddle causing untold damage to your car which could see you off the road for a long time. Not least of all th

Well done Reiss Deo

Great result for Reiss Deo today. Not only did he pass his test at Middlesbrough buy he became the quickest to pass so far with just 26 hours of tuition start to finish.

Congratulations Brandon great drive

It was never a doubt in my mind for such a receptive pupil as Brandon Parkin but 1st time pass with just 1 itzy bitzy stall keeping him from a clean sheet was better than I expected. Great driving and great result. Safe driving mate just keep doing what you do.

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