Congratulations Sophie Pearce

Well done Sophie on you 1st time pass today in a very wet and miserable Hartlepool. Sophie was convinced nobody would ever be able to get her to pass but she listened to what was said, adapted it to suit her style and put the work in week on week. It's been a great pleasure to help you achieve success today and I wish you many years of safe motoring in the future. The lucky penny, dream of spiders and the black cat may have had something to do with too but well deserved.

DVSA announces changes to hazard perception test

Today (19 November 2018) the DVSA have  announced changes to the hazard perception test for cars, to help improve road safety. Here is what they say. We've added 23 new CGI clips into the driving theory test to simulate adverse weather conditions including: snow wind fog and rain There will also be clips showing the type of low-level lighting experienced at dusk and dawn. The clips will be included in other types of theory tests soon. Find out more about the changes to the hazard perception test


I was shocked to hear this. Not least of all because my car shouts at me if I pull off the drive without my belt on :) The latest Government Casualty Figures for 2017 have indicated that the number of car occupants who were killed while not wearing a seat belt reached the highest level on record. Up to one in four deaths in a car would potentially have been prevented if a seat belt had been worn. If this is correct then it is something which is a needless waste and we need to adopt the same harsh penalties as using a mobile phone with these people who cost society so much money through selfish acts. So why not have madatory disqualification for drivers who do not wear a seat belt or ensure t

Theory Success for Audrey

Well done Audrey Livingstone on passing your theory test at Middlesbrough. Hard work paid off so let’s do the same with the practical.

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