New laws for 2018

UK driving laws coming in 2018 - How YOU will be affected by new rules and punishments? IN 2018 a number of new road rules, driving laws, offences, and regulations will be and have been introduced which could change how you use the road. Here is a list of the rules that have been introduced, will come in and how much fines could penalise you. By LUKE JOHN SMITH PUBLISHED: 10:10, Thu, Aug 16, 2018 UPDATED: 10:52, Thu, Aug 16, 2018 Over the course of 2018, there have been and will be a number of driving laws, regulations and rules that will come into force in Britain. UK drivers could face fines or charges for a number of new offences. With the introduction of these new rules and regulation

Why don't we drive?

I had an interesting conversation recently with an ex pupil of mine, lets call her Jane (not her real name), she took a few attempts to pass her test and a lot of extra lessons. Being a young mum she invested a lot of time and effort getting her full licence and the day she passed she went straight out and bought herself a Qashqai, I know, I couldn't afford one either lol. Anyway, I bumped into Jane in our local B&M (other retailers are available) a few months later and I asked how she was doing with the Qashqai. She replied that she did not drive anymore, she prefers to let her husband do the driving. I was totally confused about this so I did some research and it turns out it is not uncomm

New interior working out well.

New seat covers make driving a pleasure. Long time since I have been able to justify spending money on aesthetics. Lol hope you all enjoy sitting on them.

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