Congratulations Kalem Ainsley

Great result today for a great driver. Totally deserved zero fault (clean sheet). Kalem knew what he wanted and he put the work in to achieve exactly that, a pass would have been enough but awesome driving showed the examiner exactly what he was capable of. Keep it up Kalem, well deserved.

Congratulations Richie

Great drive today on your test in Hartlepool and something worth shouting about, zero faults. Well done mate you deserve it. You put the hard work in and listened well. Enjoy your freedom.

Good observation at junctions

I recently read a very interesting article from a fighter pilot about 'saccades' which is the way your brain processes images from eye movements to avoid 'blurring' here is the conclusion and advice for drivers. Always slow down as you approach a roundabout or junction, even if only by 20 mph or so, and even if the road seems empty. Changing your speed will immediately generate relative movement against a vehicle that was otherwise on a collision course - not only are you then more likely to see it, but you are no longer on a collision course! Never just glance right and left - this leaves it entirely to chance whether you see an approaching vehicle or not - and if you glance quickly, the o

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