Driving instructor business summit

Great day yesterday at the driving instructor business summit. As a driving instructor/coach your never entirely satisfied with the coaching you did on any given day. Yes you have that moment when a pupil drives a car for the first time and the days when a pupil gets that sentence from the driving examiner “I am pleased to tell you....” but all the days in between your thinking to yourself, I could have done better there, or how can I better help X with that manoeuvre. That’s why we seek out continuous professional development, webinars, seminars, social media, etc; Feeling very empowered from what was said and what we learned from the business summit and meeting so many great instructors in

What are smart motorways?

This year we should start to see learners heading up the motorway but what happens if we hit a smart motorway and what even is a smart motorway? Check out what the RAC say about it at this article

Congratulations Ellie

Congratulations Ellie Jo Fannan on passing your test today in Hartlepool with just 5 minors. Great driving and a well deserved pass after just 25 hours from start to finish. The is the fastest pass to date just pipping Stephen Hodges 29 Hours and just goes to prove the national average of 47 hours is not for everyone.

Congratulations Joseph Wilson

Congratulations to Joseph Wilson who passed his test today in Hartlepool. First attempt with just 3 minors. Welcome to the 1st timers club Joseph you are now among the elite

The Highway Code - Driving in adverse weather

Icy and snowy weather (rules 228 to 231) Rule 228 In winter check the local weather forecast for warnings of icy or snowy weather. DO NOT drive in these conditions unless your journey is essential. If it is, take great care and allow more time for your journey. Take an emergency kit of de-icer and ice scraper, torch, warm clothing and boots, first aid kit, jump leads and a shovel, together with a warm drink and emergency food in case you get stuck or your vehicle breaks down. Rule 229 Before you set off you MUST be able to see, so clear all snow and ice from all your windows you MUST ensure that lights are clean and number plates are clearly visible and legible make sure the mirrors are clea

7 Things To Do (& Not To Do) If You Fail Your Driving Test

You’ve failed your practical driving test and it feels like the end of the world – but it needn’t be if you follow this seven-step guide to making a winning comeback. 1. Don’t give up You failed and feel terrible about it – but don’t get angry or give yourself a hard time. The fail could be for any number of reasons on the day; from a simple cock-up that scuppered your chances to nerves getting the better of you. But there is an upside; you’ve now been through the process so you know what to expect the next time whether it be how the test centre operates to the realisation that examiners aren’t out to ‘get’ you. 2. Do listen to your examiner Don’t walk away feeling like it’s all over; the ex

Star of the week

Great driving from Victoria this week. Practically test standard and with theory still not passed :) well done Victoria keep it up and lets get your licence sorted.

Congratulations Aaron Broadbent

Well done Aaron on passing his test today in Hartlepool on yet another new route we haven't seen before but smashed it. Enjoy driving yourself from now on and not having to rely on anybody else giving you lifts (once you get your car on the road anyway).

Can I take driving lessons when pregnant?

In a crash it is important to reduce the primary risks to your baby. Hitting the bottom of the steering wheel, minimising your forward movement and letting the air bag operate as intended. You should position yourself correctly and review and modify your position as you get bigger. Move your seat as far back as is comfortable/effective and tilt it slightly away from the steering wheel. Try to be 25 centimeters from the steering wheel, making sure the steering wheel is tilted toward your breastbone rather than toward your abdomen. If your baby gets too big to position yourself correctly for effective, safe driving, if you can't fully control the pedals because of your bump, you need to consid

Congratulations Elivia Murphy

Well done Elivia on passing your test today in Hartlepool with just 5 minors faults. And look at that awesome parking :) so go tell your insurance company to stick their price hike and get a new quote as a full licence holder.

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